About Hinode Dojo
About Hinode Dojo, LLC

Hinode Dojo was established by Laizure Sensei in 1998 and found its
current home, at the A.V. Sorensen Community Center, in 2004 and was
formed into a limited liability company in 2007. With our goal to preserve the
martial traditions for generations to come, Hinode Dojo is committed to the
ongoing development and refinement of the individual, both inside and
outside of the dojo. This is accomplished by creating a positive learning
environment, adherence to proper etiquette, discipline, and providing
students with individualized instruction.

The Omaha Shinkendo Kai was established by Eric McKillican Sensei in
2003 and when he relocated to California Laizure Sensei was granted
permission by Obata Kaiso to continue Shinkendo in the area. With that the
Omaha Shinkendo Kai was absorbed into Hinode Dojo, LLC.  


Our Aikido program is affiliated with Aikido of Hawaii International (AHI) and
Aikikai International Honbu Dojo in Japan.

Our Shinkendo, Bojutsu, and Toyama Ryu programs are affiliated with the
International Shinkendo Federation, based in L.A., California under
Toshishiro Obata Kaiso.