Dojo Etiquette
Goo ni itte wa goo ni shitagae.
(Follow the rules of the village you are in.)

Adherence to etiquette is important. When an individual chooses to follow
etiquette, and it is a choice, one chooses to honor their sensei. Your behavior is
always under scrutiny from others; other students, other schools, society as a
whole. Your actions or lack thereof reflects directly upon your sensei, dojo,
organization, and the martial arts as a whole. To allow your actions to bring
embarrassment to your sensei is unconscionable.

Basic Etiquette:

  1. Always bow when entering and leaving the dojo.
  2. Always bow toward the shomen when entering and leaving the practice area.
  3. Be on time. Class is opened and closed with a formal ceremony and it is important
    to be there for this reason. Sometimes being late cannot be helped. If you are late
    you should wait patiently until you are motioned to join class.
  4. When Sensei is demonstrating a technique, students should be seated in seiza,
  5. Practice is for practice. Expressing your ideas is fine, but they should not be forced
    upon others. You are not the teacher.
  6. During practice talking should be kept to a minimum.
  7. NO eating, drinking, smoking, or chewing gum on the mat; during, before,
    or after practice.
  8. NO jewelry is to be worn during practice. (Wedding rings are the exception.)
  9. Training equipment; practice weapons/dogi should be kept clean and in good repair.
It is important to remember that what and who is taught is always at the
Sensei's discretion.