Jojutsu, according to legend, was created by Muso Gonnosuke 400 years ago. Muso Gonnosuke
using a bo dueled with Miyamoto Musashi. Musashi, using his two sword method defeated Gonnosuke
but spared his life. Afterwards Gonnosuke spent time in seclusion training and meditating where he had
a vision that led to the creation of jojutsu.

    Specifically designed for defense against the sword, the jo is a shorter wooden staff, approximately 4
foot long.  Its size and length allow for quick varied movements allowing its user the necessary
maneuverability to overcome an attacker wielding a sword.  

    Our training consists of suburi (swinging drills), kata (prearranged forms), k
umite (sparring), jo-tori
(empty hand vs. attacker w/jo), and jo-nage (empty hand attacker vs. defender with jo).