Lyle Laizure Sensei
Our Instructor: Lyle Laizure

Laizure Sensei began training Aikido in 1992, under Ron Christenham Sensei
(founder of Sarpy Aikido Club). From 1996 to 1998 Laizure Sensei was the
youth instructor at Sarpy Aikido. In 1998 he received permission from his
sensei to organize an affiliate dojo.  Hinode Dojo was formed at this time.

"When I began my Aikido training, I hadn’t an inkling that I would teach let
alone open a dojo of my own. Then one day I found myself helping in the
children’s class. A short while later I was teaching the children’s class. This
went on for roughly three years. I noticed a change in myself and decided
that I would like to be able to share that experience of change with others."
Lyle Laizure Sensei

In 1999 Laizure Sensei attended a Japanese Swordsmanship seminar,
hosted by Eric McKillican Sensei. In 2002 we made the transition into
Shinkendo and haven't looked back. When McKillican Sensei moved back to
California in 2009 Laizure Sensei was granted permission from Obata Kaiso
to lead Shinkendo in Nebraska. Laizure Sensei as well as his students
regularly attend seminars with Obata Kaiso.

From 2008 to 2012, Laizure Sensei taught an after school Aikido program at
several middle and elementary schools in the Omaha area.  As time permits
he also teaches seminars.
Lyle Laizure Sensei

Aikido - Yondan
Shinkendo - Toku-e
Toyama Ryu - Nidan
Bojutsu - Kenshuin