A Brief Description of Toyama Ryu

Originally a small sub-system of sword drawing techniques created for
officers of the Japanese Imperial Army, Toyama ryu is now represented
in various forms throughout the world as an independent sword art.

Originally created and standardized (seitei) in 1925 in response to
concerns that officers would not be able to effectively draw and employ
their sword (gunto) should the need arise while operating in hostile
environments. After WWII, the Japanese Imperial Army was disbanded,
and three major lines of Toyama ryu were adapted and taught
independently. Morinaga style, Yamaguchi style, and Nakamura style.

Nakamura Taizaburo Sensei was one of Obata Sensei's main sword
instructors. In view of Obata Sensei's skill and dedication, the art of
Toyama ryu was charged to him upon his relocation to America as the
Chief Instructor in America.